sólo espresso

specialty coffee nola

sólo espresso is a specialty coffee shop located in the bywater/9th ward of new orleans. we use miami based micro roaster, panther coffee as our permanent roaster, and offer a "guest roaster" every friday. we pay close attention detail at sólo to create you a craft quality drink. enjoy.

sólo catering/events/pop ups


-ito m (feminine -itaplural -itosfeminine plural -itas)

Substituted for “o” at the end of masculine words and names to denote a diminutive form.

if you'd like to hire sólo to cater an event...convention, wedding, party, or any other event…the pricing below is for an ALL inclusive espresso bar service. if you'd like sólo to come to your space "pop-up" style please email soloespressobar@gmail.com to discuss details.